Those of us involved in the Independent Sacramental Movement are often faced with a challenge - we are bi-vocational. Essentially, we must work a regular full-time position, in addition to being a full-time seminary student and eventually working our other job as clergy.

Alas, for many of us, we cannot afford either the time or the expense of a "traditional" seminary training. In those rare circumstances where "traditional" seminary training is a viable option, by all means, pursue that avenue and we will supplement with certificates of study for aspects specific to our traditions and interpretations which will likely vary greatly from what you may encounter in seminary.

To remedy this situation, it is common practice for us to engage in what is often referred to as "Reading for Orders." With this method, the seminary student engages is a direct relationship with a mentor or mentors to work through the equivalent of a course one would normally take in a seminary or other institute. This involves independent reading on the part of the student, coupled with discussions with the mentor and, if possible, other students pursuing the same course at approximately the same time. In addition, short answer responses, and at least one substantial paper per course will be expected (alternatively several slightly shorter works).

The intent of this work is not only to help the seminarian become familiar with the material, but also to assist in the honing of their own writing, analytic, research, and expression skills, and, indeed, to build your own corpus of material from which to draw future homilies or personal research. A more detailed description of the categories of instruction can be found in our site.

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